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Teambuilding Exercises and Activities

There are many types of team building exercises and activities, to suit any budget. Team building activities can take many forms and needn't cost a lot of money. Our team building exercises and activities promote the use of creativity and communication skills by the participants, in a competitive and fun environment. 

Team building exercises and activities challenge people to work together more effectively by being taken outside of their normal work environment and be presented with a series of challenges that they can only overcome as a team. 


Team Building Activities

These take the form of an activity that can help you achieve work-related objectives in an entertaining way. Who says it’s all work and no play? They can be used as an energiser to start off the day, a conference or as a grand finale to close an event. The main difference here is that team building activities and command tasks need only a short review at the end.

Our team building activities not only help improve employee motivation and productivity, they also help colleagues get to know each other better in a relaxed environment.


Here are a few ideas and help you assess what type of team building activities would be best for your group.


Problem Solving Tasks

Problem Solving activities to identify strengths and weaknesses and contribute to the process of identifying short term targets.


Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Exercises

The main difference here is the time scale to include planning, execution of the exercise to stimulate learning and provide much material for a full exercise review at the end. These can be from 1 hour to 24 hours on a residential programme.

The complexity of the exercises and peoples need to understand what is going on means that these are very powerful exercises. The review after the exercise is very much more useful because the participants have experienced leading and being led in sometimes rather difficult situations. However they will also have a sense of achievement, which is a good base to learn from.

Because these exercises require people to work both together and apart, it simulates the real team experience well. If they do not work together well and communicate then they can clearly see what they do not achieve! Team building exercises provide participants with real experiences of working as part of a team, replicating management and team decision-making.

Team building exercises also provide ‘critical moments’ where the team dynamic is highlighted, allowing impactful examples to be cited during post experience reviews. We believe that people learn more if they have a fun and memorable experience which these exercises bring!

Most trainers love working with these exercises for this very reason! Particularly elements of leading, being led, communicating, problem solving, managing/valuing difference and time management. The complexity of the exercise means everyone has to take part – it is impossible to hide and as such,  the exercise provides memorable situations and data for discussion & feedback on individual contributions within the exercise.


Custom Designed Team Building Exercises

All the constraints, problems, pressures and hurdles of real life will be mimicked in these controlled exercises so that conclusions and learning points can be drawn out to be used back at work. Real tasks and problems, which provide a powerful and dynamic environment from which to learn.

The objective is to give individuals the opportunity to measure their effectiveness as team members in these controlled situations so that with our help they will then be brought to realise what action is deemed necessary to develop and enhance team working skills further. This will prove invaluable in all areas of personal development.

All of the exercises are designed to enable participants to explore the benefits of team work and to help understand the needs of the team and its individual members. By identifying the various 'roles' that people play and how to develop team potential, delegates will realise their own individual potential and strengths.

By considering the effectiveness of different styles of team leadership, the exercises are written to enable participants to understand the importance of inter-team collaboration in achieving overall business success.


Other Types of Team Building Events

Social Events

These are often the most cost-effective form of team building activities, because they are low cost and high impact. It is often important to make sure that people mix, especially with larger groups, otherwise people just stick with their friends. Here are some ideas for social events: Lunchtime drink, evening meal/BBQ, family picnic, quiz nights etc.

Social events can be organised for very little cost and are like the oil in an engine: they can help keep the heat down and things running smoothly.

Community Service or Charitable Work

Team building activities are often focused solely on the members of the group. However, you could choose to do something that has a benefit to the community. Achieving something worthwhile can help to unite the group even more, providing it is not too difficult a task and does not create too much pressure.

     Teambuilding 'FUN FUNDRAISING' event, Marlow, Bucks

Work Practices

Team building activities are not an end in themselves; they are part of an ongoing process. To improve communication, co-operation, etc., you may need to change your work practices, such as:

Team meetings, cascade briefings, job swapping, team newsletter (for larger teams), open door policy, working walks (not just management, but all staff)


Individual Training and Development

It can be beneficial to combine team building activities with individual training. That is, the group receives training, but does so as a group. This has the dual benefit of developing the individuals whilst going through the experience collectively.

Such courses could include, communications, persuasion, negotiation, technical training or many other topics