Nigel Atkins

Event Management

Teambuilding and Corporate Activities


Actors in Training

         Nigel and Brian Blessed


Actors in Training

We can provide trained, experienced actors who are experts at corporate role-play and very familiar with the demands and requirements of working in a business environment. The actors can work with you to create scenarios and are also able to offer feedback and analysis.


Speech and Presentation Skills

Using Nigel's colleagues with a professional background in theatre, voice training and corporate work, he has developed a series of workshops in speech and presentation skills. By adapting performance training for corporate needs, we are able to offer stimulating and challenging sessions which will give participants a firm grounding in the skills needed for successful presentations. Subjects covered include dealing with nerves, voice production and body language.

The use of video cameras mean participants will be able to see for themselves vocal and physical habits they have that can be distracting or unhelpful when speaking to a group. They will notice immediate improvements as soon as they begin putting our recommendations into practice and will come away with increased confidence in how to use their voices and to make the most of facial expressions, eye contact, posture and gestures.



After Dinner Speaker

 Nigel is in demand as a fascinating and very different speaker for events. Please contact us for further details.