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Nigel Atkins is a training consultant who specialises in the identification, writing and delivery of dynamic exercises within management training programmes. He has written, organised and run many events in the UK and abroad including Spain, Mallorca, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Denmark, France, America, Canada and Australia. Nigel specialises in tailoring events to the client's requirements and can adapt at very short notice if required, even during the programme. As a trainer and outdoor professional, he understands the balance between activity, review and learning.

The specifically designed learning events that we run can be produced at any agreed location within the British Isles and Europe. Situations and challenges parallel to those found in the work place can be re-experienced and positive responses encouraged, roles and relationships can be examined to reduce stress and increase effectiveness.

These corporate events not only help improve employee motivation and productivity, they also help colleagues get to know each other better in a relaxed environment. They can help you achieve work related objectives in an entertaining way. 

We can help your organisation to reduce stress and conflicts in your workplace to help Improve communication skills, Improve problem solving situations, Improve managerial and leadership skills, Identify strengths and weaknesses within teams and organisations.

   Nigel and Macheala Strachan at the NEC


If your company could do with a morale-boosting event, some client entertainment or a team-building day, why settle for anything ordinary? Make the occasion something to remember by calling us now to discuss your teambuilding needs so we can tailor-make challenges for just the right amount of fun, team development and feedback.

    Outdoor Team Building Exercise


Technicians and Instructors Working with Nigel

The team of instructors are full time professionals, qualified and fully insured with many years of outdoor education experience in this country and abroad. All of the senior instructors are trainers and assessors for National Governing Body Awards.

We are able to tailor the exercise as very short notice to suit numbers in the group, time available and locations.

All of the activities are not used to measure physical characteristics but rather as the basis for stimulating events, usually in small teams, which directly relate to the aims and objectives of the company.



As with most events I have been involved with, I have the experience and ability to alter the exercises with little notice due to factors beyond our control.


Risk Management

Nigel Atkins has an excellent safety record and is committed to maintaining high standards throughout all aspects of its operations.

We regularly review safety procedures and ensure those recommendations from within or from external agencies are acted on appropriately.

The aim of the Risk Management is to ensure that all activities fall into a 'Low Risk' category and that the we comply with current legislation. In reality it is accepted that it is an on - going process requiring all activities to undergo continuous review.

    Task phase of 'BW Industries', Cambridge

Quality Assurance

We implement a quality assurance framework designed to monitor the quality of the exercises run. These are regularly evaluated by the Event Manager and acted upon where necessary

   'By Royal Appointment', NEC. 

Nigel Atkins being presented to Prince Charles during a trade show.